Like most people, we consumed

animal flesh, their milk and wore their skins until a few years ago and saw nothing wrong with it.

Then, we watched a film called Earthlings and there was no going back. 0 to vegan in 1h35m!

Once you recognise the sentience of all animals and their right to not be property, be abused or feel pain, there's no going back.

To vegans, a pig is a dog, is a chicken, is a cat, is a cow is a human.

All deserve life, not to be treated as property and to be free from abuse, pain and suffering. Being vegan means avoiding using ALL animal products.

Food, clothing and entertainment are not valid reasons for taking someone's life, so we don't do it.

This is the main reason The Wildcat is here. But there are other benefits to going vegan. There is no bigger things you can do for your own health and the health of the planet than going vegan.

chicken jumper.jpg

Addressing The Climate Emergency

It's now widely acknowledge that adopting a plants only diet is the single biggest way to combat a range of environmental issues, one of the hottest being the climate crisis.

The US infographic on the right shows some startling facts and figures.

 In year one, we've estimated that for hot   drinks alone, The Wildcat has saved   48,000kg of CO2 by using plant based   products over dairy.

Forget switching to a green energy supplier, forget changing all your light bulbs to LED, forget buying an electric car.

While all these things will definitely help combat climate change, we all have the power each time we shop online, in supermarkets of food venues to buy products that either produce large amounts of greenhouse gasses, or low amounts.

It's up to all of us to do what we can to ensure our climate stays within the 1.5 to 2°c rise identified as the ceiling to avoid catastrophic climate change.